Developer what to know about AMP Pages?


AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. Company announced that AMP pages will be integrated into its search engine in February 2016.


Key factors:


1) Higher Performance: AMP page loads on the browser instantly with negligible time.
2) Best for both desktop and mobile.
3) Imporoving performance.


AMP uses minimal HTML and limited Javascript. This allows the content to be hosted on Google AMP Cache.
Now when user requested any of the page Google serve this cached verstion to the user instantly.


Accelerated Mobile Pages can be used by any app, browser, or web viewer.


AMP consists of three basic parts:


  1. AMP HTML: This markup language has some custom tags and properties and many restrictions. But if you know HTML its easy to use this markup language.
  2.  AMP JS : This manage resource handling and asynchronous loading to open page in very low time.
  3.  AMP CDN : Take AMP-enabled pages, cache them for future user and make accordingly optimizations on performance.



Its a new technology used some markup in HTML and JS to make your site Accelerated. Will reduce loading time to very low.