Restaurant Management System

The System is for restaurant owners they can now make there restaurant online with this App in 12-24 hours.

This system have following component:

  • Customer App
  • Delivery Boy App
  • Admin Panel (Restaurant owner panel)
  • Customer app is used by restaurant customers, they can make order from the app. Now, order will be listed in Admin Panel and also self assigned to the nearest delivery boy to pick and drop the same to customer.

    Admin Panel provides the functionality to manage all of the components of the restaurant has following features:

  • Dashboard
  • Products Management
  • Category Management
  • Delivery boys
  • Coupons
  • Reporting
  • Play custom loud sound when any new order came to take action on order ASAP
    • Agency

      Arvaan Solutions

    • Features

      Android App for restaurant customers to purchase product for home delivery or pickup from restaurant.

      Admin panel for the restaurant owner to manage orders, product and all other related to App.

      Delivery boy Android app. Restaurant owner can create no of any delivery boys to ship the order to restaurant to their address.

    App Presentation


    Customer App

    User can make order by just in 5 steps to the restaurant.

    Just Login, Add Product, Add Address, Select Delivery type (Home Delivery, Pickup), Do Payment or Cash of Delivery


    Delivery Boy App

    Deliver order is an tedious task but with this system its too simple. Restaurant owner just need to create Delvery Boy user type from panel.

    Now delivery boy can login in the app. When any new order generated by customer its self assigned to the delivery boy based on the nearest and available delivery boy. Delivery Boy have following features:

  • Login
  • Custom notification tone when order assigned to him
  • View order assigned to him
  • View Order details
  • Change Order Status i.e (Mark order delivered)
  • delivery_boy

    Restaurant Owner Admin Panel

    This panel provides all management part of the system for both of the apps and configurable values.

    Admin can track sales, manage orders, customers, order status, product management, stock management, delivery boy users management. Can check reporting any time of sales, products and all.

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