Since we became popular as the affordable Android application providers, we have been asked for the development of a variety of apps related to different industries. We develop android apps for industries such as :
  • Banking & Finance
  • Hotel Management
  • Life Style Sector
  • Travelling & Booking Sector
  • e-Commerce
  • Medical & Education Sector
  • Insurance & Security

At Arvaan Solutions, We Provide Best Android App Developement in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad,Gurgaon and India. It is highly unlikely that a much better and more popular O.S than Android would emerge anytime soon in the mobile phone world. Today Android powers more than 86% of the world’s phones and it is getting more user-friendly and secure with every update. Since it is an open source O.S almost countless apps are being developed and posted on the app store. At ARVAAN SOLUTIONS, we totally understand what it means to develop an Android app for our clients in the current environment. We are passionate and enthusiastic to bring something new to the table. Our android application developers, since the launch of Android O.S in 2008 have been closely monitoring its trends and learning new technologies and skills to meet the new demands and develop the best android apps possible. We are proud to say that our developers have the mastery over Google SDK, XML/JSON, JAVA, and design aspects of Android O.S. We have the finest bunch of developers who can build scalable, secure, rich and affordable apps.

All the apps we design are well thought out in terms of functionality, features, user-friendliness, and reliability. Since we are equipped with the latest Android development skills and technology, we are able to serve a plethora of clients with diverse requirements. Over the years, we have been called for developing apps on different platforms by prominent industry leaders. But we will always cherish designing and developing apps for small businesses and start up entrepreneurs who are competitive and want to serve their community with innovative ideas. The mobile developers we employ are gainful rare and sharp in coming up with the best android apps.

We develop all the apps with utmost dedication and expertise regardless of their complexity, size, or budget. The goal of our developers is to offer full function and secure Android apps just like the clients require. Our android development team has always lived up to the expectation of our clients. Today they can work on even the most mission-critical apps, and diligently complete them in time.

Benefits Of Android App Development
  • Increased Exposure to business
  • Easy to customize apps based on changing business needs
  • Supportsinter-application integration- many apps to one
  • Offers high ROI
  • Flexible to marketing and commercialization options
  • Increase of customer base and sales

Our Service Include:

Custom Android App Development

Arvaan Solutions Comes in Top Android App Developement in Delhi NCR,India.Where you will get best Android App Services at a very budgeted price range. We We are well aware of both challenges and incredible potential of Android smartphone devices. We have developed lots of functional Android apps, which justifies our expertise in this niche.

Enterprise Android Solutions

ARVAAN SOLUTIONS has excellent and genius ability to provide e-Commerce, Enterprise, and Business utility apps to fulfill the needs of large, medium or small businesses.

Application Testing & Maintainence

To Provide Best Android App Services, We have Experienced Android App Developers Which will gives you user-friendly Android App Developement. The maintenance and testing team at ARVAAN SOLUTIONS, work round the clock to ensure the apps are crash and bug-free at all times. We come up with timely updates to match the changing OS versions, add functionalities whenever required and improve the performance.

App Cloud Integration

Today it is essential for an android app to integrate with the external cloud services that operate on different APIs to build a practical app. Our android developers have the mastery over integrating multiple functions depending on the client’s needs.