Ecommerce development in Prestashop, Opencart, Magento 


Starting an eCommerce business in the current environment is hard. To be successful, one has to continuously evaluate the site design, performance, sales, and profits. Before you start to build your own eCommerce website, you have to consider what type of products to sell, their size, color choices, a number of items, sliding price scale etc.  Other aspects related to the website itself are also important. Here are different website centered aspects you need to consider for starting a successful e-commerce website.


Design of e-commerce website


You can either invest in a custom web design or buy a professionally designed template. Custom web design of an e-commerce website is quite expensive but it offers unique design and allows you to specifically have the features you desire. The template-based design, on the other hand, offers economical design for beginners. Today there are a plethora of templates available in different colors, features, and layouts. Use of templates offers other benefits such as shorter development time and mainstream generic look. Ecommerce development in Prestashop, Opencart, Magento will start by choosing a best template as per your domain needs.


Integrated shopping cart or external shopping cart


If your e-commerce business has less than 10 products, you direct the product purchases to the external shopping cart with advanced linking on the regular website. The downside of this is people who return to your site later will see an empty shopping cart and this can create a loss of sales. So full-featured, dynamic and larger eCommerce solutions are the best choice. Magento Commerce and Zen Cart are some of the great open source programs for developing a webshop with integrated shopping carts


Choosing a domain name and host


Pick a domain name that relates to your product keywords. This will be useful when you are advertising your business online using text links and banners. One of the important things you should be able to do after setting up an e-commerce business is establishing a brand. For this, you should find a unique name that is easy to remember and read for people while it shown in the online and offline marketing campaigns. Consider the sound of words, spelling, and misspelling while making a choice. Mention the potential names of your family and friends and receive feedback from them. When it comes to hosting, at the start you will not need a big hosting web server or account. You can have a shared web hosting account, which can be later upgraded in terms of bandwidth and space as necessary. Also, you can move the existing account to a new host.


Online Payments


It is critical for an online business to use right payment methods. Some can be very customer friendly but are time intensive and others are less flexible but easy to manage. So have a set of payment methods that serve a broad range of customers. Credit card payments are most popular and should be a part of the online payment system. Paypal is good payment option as it does not require buyers to have a Paypal account to make credit card payments. Check various online payment providers and their rates based on average monthly transactions, and baselines to know which offer better rates.


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