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CakePHP Development

Arvaan Solutions is a cost-effective and friendly CakePHP web application development company that helps businesses to get scalable and robust apps. Our developers are acquainted with the working of this open source development platform. We have worked on numerous CakePHP app development projects for small, large and medium-sized businesses. We are committed to providing excellent apps and websites without the loss of scalability and current operation.

Why Choose CakePHP for web application development?

  • It is easy to manage files in applications
  • CakePHP comes with advanced security features
  • Supports all types of databases.
  • Manages themes and contents easily
  • Compatible with database drivers.
  • CakePHP auto-detects all forms of connections.
  • Shorter URL Syntax.
  • Built-in validation shell programmers.
  • Supports multilingual features.
  • Reduces the cost and development time.
  • Templates and Fields of CakePHP are easily customizable

Features of CakePHP Development Services at Arvaan Solutions.You should choose us because:
• Our developers are finest people with strong technical efficacy in utilizing the powerful open source PHP Framework for quickly developing web apps
• We strictly follow the CakePHP conventions to ensure maximum portability and light while developing applications
• We ensure that the app is scalable and extensible and so we use the best and optimum industry standard libraries and plugins.
• Our team follows a Don’t Repeat Yourself approach to ensure that you carry on the advantage of CakePHP in your real-time web apps.
• In our CakePHP development process, we use Don’t Repeat Yourself Approach which reduces the repetition of software patterns and replaces the redundancy with abstractions. This helps us to speed up the process of developing real-time web apps.
• We complete CakePHP development projects and deliver them in time. Over the years, we have always tried to complete projects early than the deadline.
• We provide support and maintenance services for CakePHP app without needing to stop their functionality.
• Our CakePHP apps are 100% search engine optimized.
• We save 70% of the costs by using cost-effective CakePHP web development apps.
• We develop expandible CakePHP applications that work on various devices and on different platforms.
• Proven expertise on platforms like AJAX, CakePHP, HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript.
• We have extensive experience on platforms such as HTML 5, CakePHP, AJAX, JavaScript,and CSS.
• We create the popular customized CakePHP web modules and shopping carts.
• Web component and rapid application development with the assistance of advanced PHP tools.
• Development of front-end and Bootstrap enabled CakePHP layouts that help the businesses to fulfill the client expectations.

Why Choose Arvaan Solutions for CakePHP Development
Our developers and professionals have years of expertize and knowledge in the field of CakePHP development services. We offer an array of CakePHP web application services and help businesses to amplify their business growth.

• Worked on over 300+ projects and successfully delivered them
• Our Client Base consists of people from UK, USA, Australia and other Asian and European countries.
• More than 15 full-time employees
• We develop responsive, flexible and user-friendly apps that are compatible with all browsers and websites.

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