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In the talent pool of Arvaan Solutions, we have high-end Adobe Flex flash app developers who have an in-depth knowledge of the Flash designing, Flex Programming, Adobe AIR Programming and others. They deliver Adobe flex development services with real-time customization, extreme personalization, and hyperactive connectivity.

Today flash applications are very popular in the web marketplace. Most of the web embedded Audio/video players, mobile games, rich internet applications (RIAs) and others are powered by Flash. They are effective in gathering interest from the audience and providing comprehensive solutions to the common problems. The flash projects today require expert and complex design skill sets and this is exactly what developers at Arvaan Solutionsposses. The flash animations vary from one application to another.

Arvaan SolutionsAdobe Flex Development services

  • Flex Development
  • ActionScript Development
  • Adobe AIR Development
  • Flash Development
  • Mobile Development
  • HTML5 Development
  • Online Advertising
  • XML Integration
  • Rich Internet Applications Development
  • Actionscript Programming

If a client is looking to build engaging web, desktop or highly interactive flash applications for increasing sales, productivity, reduce costs, grow brand loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction, choosing Arvaan Solutions is the best way to achieve it.

Advantages of choosing Adobe Flex
Adobe Flex is an open source framework that is highly intuitive and crosses a platform in terms of browser architecture and hardware. Flex combines the OOP (Object-oriented programming) and XML capabilities of ActionScript Language to construct Adobe Flash applications. It is a great choice when a company is looking for lightweight and powerful apps to assist with their web business strategy.

Versatile Application Solutions
Flex is useful in building both micro and macro applications. It can be used to create scaled-down applications for full-sized web pages or large scale interfaces. It is the versatility of Adobe flex, which makes it suitable for building apps that communicate with the back end and exchange data for opening up interesting business possibilities.

Compatible with Wide range of Applications
The apps built on the Adobe Flex platform makes use of Adobe Flash Player that is installed on almost all computers around the world. Arvaan Solutions takes advantage of this and Adobe AIR run time to develop standalone Flex applications.
Industries for which we provide Flex/flash based applications
• Publishing
• Education
• Construction
• Gaming
• Healthcare
• Media
• Entertainment

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